Saturday, 9 July 2011

Hells Mouth in search of Kestrels

Well it has certainly been a lean period for photography and today was no exception, almost. I headed out to Hells Mouth to photograph some Kestrels I had seen the week before about 3-4 behind the cafe; no sign of them so they must of moved on by now.  Off along the coast and I heard a Peregrine Falcon (in fact more than one) These were ringed birds with a metallic ring and yellow ring. On the yellow ring were the letters W9 on noe and Z9 on the other I think. A grey seal also put in an appearance for the camera. I think I have about three weeks of blogs to catch up on also over the next couple of days. So I shall just post the images now and be off for a pint!

Meal on the cliff

Formation Flying

Grey Seal, early morning dip


JRandSue said...

Well done Bob,looks like you had a great day out.
Stunning stuff.

holdingmoments said...

Cracking shots of the Peregrine Bob.

S K Ditta said...

I imagine these pictures are difficult to capture. The falcons look absolutely undisturbed in their natural surroundings. Nice to see you back!

Unknown said...

Lovely shots of the Peregines Bob.

Dominic Gendron said...

Very nice images of hard to get in photo bird ;)