Sunday, 11 September 2011

Hawkes Point Mini Sea Watch

Went across Hawkes Point for some surfing pictures but by the time my stupid surfer pals got me there it was to late, tide to high. I stood for a while and noticed some Gannets fishing just offshore further up towards Carbis Bay. So I went up there instead. Although subject distance was someway off and the light was crap, I did manage some record shots. All below I will need help on a couple especially the fish???


Gannet Diving

Sandwich Tern


Grey Seal


? Looked a bit ominous this one!!!!



Unknown said...

Some lovely shots there Bob grew up in Carbis Bay and used to fish at Hawkes Point. Only A guess but could be a sunfish. Maybe someone better experienced in fish may know better.

Sam and Lisa said...

Looks like you got an Ocean Sunfish there Bob, brilliant.

Sam Stewart said...

Its an oceanic sunfish bob!!! very good spot! nicely done! I will have a look at the other images now

Anonymous said...

Black-headed Gull & Ocean Sunfish

Bobbster said...

Thanks everyone who identified the Black Headed Gull and Ocean Sunfish (Which is a first on my blog)

S K Ditta said...

The thought came, these pictures if compared to videos would certainly look better. Very nice shots, Bob!

holdingmoments said...

Well I got the gull lol

Great shots Bob.