Sunday 10 March 2013

Still trying, for new material

Okay I have been trying for a while now to try and get some Owl and Peregrine images. And also a close up of Sparrowhawk and Bittern. All have been thwarted so far by poor weather/light and bad luck. Still I will keep trying my luck will change soon, lol.  A couple of images from my last day out on the 8th March posting a bit late, but I have been busy covering a charity event at The Blue Anchor, Helston. So spending Sunday sorting video's for them. Complete with some mistakes caused by drinking to much Spingo! Anyhow back to a couple of images from the 8th March.


Bittern coming into land


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JRandSue said...

Great set Bob,love the Bittern in Flight,your Wheatear is a stunner.