Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Starlings at Marazion

Well I likely picked the worst day this week to observe the starling murmuration at Marazion, low dark cloud resulted in really poor conditions for photography, but I still gave it a go, here are the results:

The Sparrowhawk looking for a "Starling supper"
Starlings above the reed bed
Going down to roost, almost dark when this image was taken, hence the slow shutter speed which I quite like showing the starlings that are still airbourne as black streaks.
Dunnock at Men an Tol from the previous day

A break in the cloud on the horizon produced a superb sunset over Penzance/Newlyn


Monts said...

Nice pics Bob, the Dunnock is a cracker.

Unknown said...

Lovely colours in these images sure you will nail that Sparrowhawk one day looks a great bird.