Sunday, 5 March 2017

Predannack Airfield

Predannack Airfield opened it's gates for the first time in decades to the general public. I was one of a few people on an official tour put on by RNAS Culdrose, Predannacks parent station.

We visited a few areas including the following:

Barnes Wallis Ramp: used in the 1950's to test "Wild Goose" and "Swallow" variable geometry models

Then a look around some old airframes, this looked a bit like an aircraft graveyard of sorts, but all airframes are put to good use for crew rescue/crash training etc.

Air Traffic Control Tower, a quick tour of the tower and associated spaces.

Finally a crash/fire exercise from the Royal Navy school of Flight Deck Handling

(Apologies for the way the images are randomly added by the blogger programme)

Sea King MK5

Wessex MK3

Canberra Bomber rear crew space

Canberra Bomber

Dominee T1

Sea King MK6

Sepecat Jaguar

Sea Harrier FA2

RAF Harrier GR3

Jetstream T2

Predannack Air Traffic Control

Firefighters attack the flames from the exercise crash/fire
Fire Fighter
Royal Navy Fire Tender
Aircraft crash/fire exercise

Barnes Wallis test ramp

Fire Tender arrives at the fire exercise

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