Sunday 26 August 2018

Minlynn Slate Mine, Dinas Mawddwy

Minlynn slate mine is situated above Dinas Mawddwy in Wales.  The mine is a relic of our industrial passed and ceased production in 1925. There is plenty to see and explore, after about a 45 minute hike up the hill to the mine entrance. Wellies/Waders are needed to enter the mine but once inside conditions are fairly dry underfoot. Once inside there are 3 large mined caverns, some spoil piles, old machinery/boilers and a small pool which looks about 15/20 metres deep. So that is a brief description now onto the images from a superb day out exploring.

An old winch mechanism

Further exploration

One of the inner tunnels

Underground pool with equipment remains

Ancient boiler used for steam driven machinery

Pool/Tunnel and possible crane/winch remnants

Possibly another winch?

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