Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Catch a fish and eat it all in seconds

This is a new area for me but following on from yestersdays post on fishing; I thought I would try an animated GIF of the heron and his catch. From catching it to swallowing, it was gone it five/six seconds and 18 pictures. To get a smoother animation I reckon I would of had to shoot a sequence of 54 images! Not sure the camera's buffer would cope with that. Any way the GIF is below, think you will get the idea of the Heron's efficient technique.


Simon Taylor said...

Nice attempt Bob. With my D70 that takes 3 frames an hour that sort of thing is only a dream for me. Good effort.

Bobbster said...

If light permits I could take 10 frames per second for 30 images before the buffer was full. In this case the shutter was a slow 1/500 sec. So I guess i could of added more frames, but I think the animation has the effect here. Light permitting and a co-operative subject should get more frames next time!