Friday, 11 September 2009

Morning Cormorants

An early morning start, well 8am, and I was at Marazion. Nothing around but the Cormorants seemed to be early risers and coupled with the superb lighting today I managed some good quality images.  So I shall try the same again tomorrow and hopefully there will be a bit more activity.

Cormorant: Exif: All  three Images: Canon 1D MK111, 6oomm lens, Aperture Priority, F4, 1/3200 sec-1/4000 sec, ISO 400 and +1 stop.


JRandSue said...

Very nice flight shots Bob,that's one thing I can't do.

Life in Egypt said...

you are complaining Bob, If I managed to get shots like that here I would be over the moon.

Bobbster said...

Happy with the shots, just sometimes it is a bit frustrating when there is little wildlife around, especially when the lighting was so good which doesn't happen often here in UK!!!!