Sunday, 11 April 2010

Hells Mouth and St Gothians

My first post since 27th March, due to work and poor weather. Posts won't be as frequent as in the past due to work but I shall get out when I can so please keep watching. At Hells Mouth there were two Shag nests but no sign of any Cormorants nesting at present. I missed a picture opportunity of a Peregrine Falcon that flew by at close range and also two stoats thanks to an out of control dog chasing them off! At St Gothians there is a lot of Shell Ducks, Canada Geese and Sand Martins are back in large numbers.  Tricky photographing the Sand Martins and my first attempt at these with the 7D. So onto the images:

Shag on nest at Hells Mouth

Grey Seal enjoying the clear waters at Hells Mouth

Sand Martin at St Gothians

Sand Martin at St Gothians

Sand Martin at St Gothians, much easier to get than the flying shots only a little patience required.


holdingmoments said...

I tried Swallows and Sand Martins a few days ago.
Not easy; your results are better than mine though Bob.

JRandSue said...

Welcome back Bob,lovely shots.
The last Image, is my favourite,Sand Martins always make a good picture.

Mark Whittaker said...

Excellent images.. Liking the new blog layout

Sam and Lisa said...

The Sand Martins are stunning Bob. I had a go recently and mine are nowhere near as good as these.