Sunday, 11 April 2010

New Life at Maza

Managed to get parked at Marazion, found a spot which hadn't been aquired by a holiday maker for the summer; so spent the afternoon here. Young Mallard, Adder and a record shot of a Great White Egret all feature today:

First Duckling for me at Marazion in 2010

"And their off" the race accross the marsh.

Carrion Crow, bit strange this I seen this one jumping in the water as if it was fishing, you can just see the last morsel disappearing down his gullet.

Shell Duck in flight

An Adder that came out to sunbathe

Chiff Chaff

Great White Egret (record shot)


holdingmoments said...

Love that shot of the duck race lol
Haven't seen any ducklings round here yet Bob.
Good catch with the Shell Duck, and the Adder. And Great White Egret still on my list to tick off.

JRandSue said...

Lovely images Bob,love the Great White Egret shot.
The Adder is superb.

Anonymous said...

Great Images Bob, those Ducklings cant half shift