Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Nikon D3s AUTO ISO Test

In addition to my settings in the earlier post as it was quiet today I thought I would give the AUTO ISO a try out on the D3s. I set the camera to increase the ISO to achieve a minimun 1/1000sec shutter speed. The results are below. ISO speeds used by the camera were 560, 3600, 400 and 560. No noise reduction has taken place in the pictures. I was going to stay until light levels fell, to use the highest ISO's but it has been a bit wild in Cornwall today and for a change I went home early.




Litle Egret


Dominic Gendron said...

The result seem pretty nice, the Egret shot is awseome ;)

holdingmoments said...

It performed very well Bob.
Love the Crow; got the feather detail on a dark subject. Nice one.

Chris said...

Well done Bob... The testing seems to work perfectly...

Sam and Lisa said...

Brilliant shots, what a camera

Bobbster said...

Thanks for all the comments for information The ISO ratings were as follows:
Redshank ISO 3600 Crow ISO 640

Egret ISO 560 and Kingfisher ISO 400

Next time out I shall try lower light levels and higher ISO's to see where the noise kicks in at an unacceptable level.