Sunday, 28 November 2010

Bittern shows well at Marazion

The Bittern showed well today at Marazion (very well when I wasn't there!) Apparently it walked the full length of the marsh over 45 minutes, completely in the open at 8 am. I caught up with it around 1.30-2pm down at the water level post. The marsh was frozen and as a result the snipe were on the grass feeding and I caught a quick glimpse of a water rail also that broke cover. Buzzard doing his customary low pass spooking everything. Today was slightly warmer as the icey wind had dropped but I still froze my ass off. I need to get some more gloves I think, like these they look ideal for photographers. Well onto the images from today.


Record shot of the Water Rail

Bittern in the reeds

Kingfisher, couldn't find a break in the ice here.

Wren, these are being rather skittish as Marazion but eventually I got one.

Chiff Chaff?

Snipe about to land on the icey surface.


JRandSue said...

Top form Bob,love the Bittern images.

Dominic Gendron said...

Awseome serie, the last one is very it ;)

Unknown said...

glad to see the bittern flying at last Bob in your previous post class images of the Buzzard.Sharp Snipe photo hope to be down on the Marsh myself this weekend.

Bobbster said...

Thanks for the feedback everyone, Anthony I may see you there this weekend, weather permitting!!!

Unknown said...

Stunning images, thanks for dropping by my blog thereby giving me an opportunity to find yours...Thomas