Sunday, 27 March 2011

Fogged Off "third time lucky?

Ok, I have previously tried to bring you these images twice now but for some reason they didn't post correctly, ie no images shown. A foggy day in most of the area's I visited today has well ended up with a poor show of images but the day was sort of rescued when I got some nice close ups at Drift. I hope you can see the images this time.  If not if you click where they are meant to be then they should appear.

Fulmar Hells Mouth

Whooper Swan Drift

Whooper Swan

Mute Swan

Hybrid Goose, Drift


Chasing off the competition


Mike Attwood said...

I got them the 4th time round, clicking where they are meant to be works. Nice pics.

Mike Attwood said...

Back up to scratch Bob. Thanks for the tip.