Monday, 28 March 2011

Images are back on line


Thanks to everyone who had left comments regarding the visibility of images in my recent posts. I am now glad to say that all images are now viewable again.

If anyone is experiencing similar problems edit your post in HTML mode and in the text for each image just delete Height= "0" and Width= "0" and your images will re-appear.

This was a blog software glitch which hopefully google have now sorted!!!


Unknown said...

Same Kestrel same post you sure no how to pick your shots Bob. Stunning image best of the year for me, if I'd taken that would hang up me Camera and retire.What's next a White Tail Eagle?

JRandSue said...

Amazing capture Bob and amazing Photography.

Sam and Lisa said...

Now that is what you call gut wrenching. Excellent image

WPATW said...

Good to see you sorted it Bob

Lasse said...

Great shot !