Monday, 22 August 2011

A quiet Sunday? Not!!

Popped into the Ryan's Field Hyde at Hayle expecting it to be quiet and it was for a little while. Absolutely nothing happening and after twenty minutes I thought this cannot get any worse. And just the Family kids and dog decided to drop in, just my luck!!! They went after about 10 minutes, then about five minutes later the teenage drunks turned up. They seemed a bit miffed that I was there, I think they wanted to continue their Sunday afternoon booze up in the hyde. Well unlucky for them I stayed put and they had to find another drinking hole. In amongst all this noise and disturbance I did manage a couple of shots which are posted below with some from the Estuary.

Common Sandpiper


Grey Heron




Joop Zand said...

Amazing this second picture....
great shot.

Phil Slade said...

Good to see the scumbags didn't put you off your birding Bob, well done for standing your ground.

JRandSue said...

Good for you Bob,Stunning flight Shots.