Thursday, 19 April 2012

Initial Alamy Picture Library Submission

Now enjoying retirement as I have passed my sell by date in the RN,  I have decided it is time to make the hobby (Photography) pay for itself, well that is the idea, only the future will see if that happens. I submitted some images to Alamy (yes I know 30 million pictures on their books already) the criteria: all images unsharpened, to be scrutinised at 100%, and from and uncompressed raw file of 24mb minimum, now that last one is a big ask when you mainly photograph, birds/mammals!  Any way submission done and all passed quality control checks so I can now upload my images to them providing they meet the above criteria. Below is the selection I submitted, mostly from a recent trip to Scotland.

Crested Tit


Mountain Hare



swopticsphoto said...

Four stunning shots Bob.

Mary Howell Cromer said...

Love them all, always a pleasure making a visit here Bob~ Happy Weekend!

Millhouse Photography said...

Yeah, top-class those. The Created Tit is faultless.