Friday, 12 April 2013

A Robins Song, Can You Help/Support this worthy cause?

A Cornish Artist, Ian Griffiths (Griff) has a project to bring wildlife closer to families at the Childrens's Hospice, Little Harbour.

One of the avenues to raise funds will be the sale/auction of works donated by artists and photographers.

To this end I will be framing and then donating the following image towards this cause, once the image framing is complete I will update the picture, well I forgot to get a picture once it was mounted and framed by Pictures and Things Gallery who were kind enough to mount the image free of charge, so here is a jpg that is fairly representative of the final image. 

This is a very worthy cause, can you help there are many ways to support and donate, please visit A Robins Song for more details and information

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Sam and Lisa said...

A worthy gesture Bob, well done