Sunday, 24 November 2013

Northern Harrier at Men an Tol

Ok  I have been informed what I initially thought was a Hen Harrier is in fact be a Northern Harrier. Myself and Adam Holmes spotted the bird at Men an Tol on Saturday 23rd November, admittedly we were uncertain  and thought it may be a juvenile Hen Harrier! However since submitting the image to Dave Parker at CBWPS who found it "interesting" more images were submitted and the Northern Harrier identity confirmed a first for Cornwall.

From Birding World "

We did an ID and ageing paper on this species a couple of winters ago, and it matches perfectly a couple of photos in that article;
Effectively adult in all respects (inc scooped black on primaries) but for the chestnut chevrons on the flank/auxiliaries make it a younger bird" 

Even though they are just in my view record shots, it make all the trekking up and down Men an Tol worth it when something this rare turns up!


windmill1 said...

Magic! Love it

windmill1 said...

Magic. Love. it Bob

Unknown said...

Nice one Bob as you say a right trek up and down there but nice to get images of this bird great stuff.

Sam and Lisa said...

Bob Sharples does it again, well done Bob.

JRandSue said...

Brilliant photography Bob.