Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Storm Hercules Hits Porthleven

The latest storm "Hercules" to hit the Cornish coast at Porthleven was the biggest for a while. High tide was 8am so an early start, still it was worth it.  Got there and the camera AF did not work, and I didn't realise as it was only semi-light, still a quick clean of the lens/camera contacts and all was fine, however sods law dictated my best early morning shot, a stonking image was out of focus, lol. So back to cleaning all lenses, camera's etc after every shoot now like I used to!  Got some nice images some amazing waves in the harbour, pretty dangerous conditions!  Here is a small selection I will post the rest on my main website in due course.


Anonymous said...

Awesome shots Bob

Unknown said...

Super images Bob cracking stuff see nikon rumours are predicting a new D4s very soon are u tempted?