Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Pictures from Tropical Storm Ophelia (ex-Hurricane) in Cornwall

Well storm Ophelia provided quite a spectacle in Cornwall. I manged a visit to Lands End and Porthleven. Lands End was really being hit by the gales and the sea was beginning to get whipped up around the Longships lighthouse around 1130 am. However needed to be at Porthleven around 1:30pm to beat the crowds (failed on that one) and get there for high tide. I decided to stay in one spot this time to avoid the waves and keep me and the camera's dry. Well despite being at the top of the hill above the Ship Inn I was still hit by one rouge wave!!!!!! Still no damage done.  Here are some images from the day.

Starling takes shelter from the gale force winds at Lands End

The sea beginning to build around Longships Lighthouse

Some storm watches get soaked and others risk it near the sea wall

Raging sea at Porthleven

This is the beginning of the wave that soaked me somewhat!!!

Full sea power at high tide


JRandSue said...

Stunning captures Bob.

Bobbster said...

Thanks John

alan james photography said...

Nice to see a Porthleven storm in bright sunlight and a starling with a 'Wheel to live' and it looks like we are in for another westerly storm this Saturday but probably a lot wetter, Alan

Bobbster said...

Cheers Alan, Swell is forecast to drop off around 4pm on Saturday so it could go either way, however winter now and high tide when it is dark!!!!

Anonymous said...

Upean näköiset kuvat myrskystä <3 RONJA