Friday, 5 January 2018

Dipper at Kennal Vale

Well a trip to Kennal Vale was worth it.  I knew the dippers were up and down the river just a question of picking a spot waiting and hoping. After about an hour and a half I considered moving as I had not seen anything. However patience paid off I stayed in one spot and was rewarded by 2/3 visits. First visit was quite good until the first dog walker turned up and his furry companion decided to go for a swim which sent the dipper up river!!!! Still got lucky and got another two visits in my chosen spot. Witnessed some feeding, bathing, preening etc, amazing little bird to watch. Light level were low for photography due to the deep valley type location with its high tree canopy blocking light, resulting in ISO of up to 20000 being used at times. (So apologies if the image quality is not that high) All in all a very good 2-3 hour visit, and will be returning in the future. Onto some of the images.

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