Thursday, 11 January 2018

RNLI and Coastguard Night Exercise

Our rescue services often train together to hone/polish their skill set, this was one such occasion. Problem for me was this time it would mostly be dark and I would have no idea where the lifeboat/helicopter would be positioned, hence I set up with my 500mm lens. Exercise commenced and the Penlee Lifeboat and Bristow SAR helicopter from Newquay positioned themselves to close to me during their first pass (aargh!!!!) Could of done with a 200-300mm lens not a 500mm!!! Still had to make do with what I had. This was going to be testing as it soon got dark, very dark.  The ISO was soon being turned up the scale from 20000-51,200 ISO. (sure the camera can see in the dark better than I can) As a result of pushing the ISO images are somewhat noisy but on the whole not bad for a night shoot full of action.

Coastguard Helicopter G-MCGY

Penlee Lifeboat "Ivan Ellen"

Coastguard Helicopter winching to lifeboat

Coastguard Helicopter hi-line transfer to lifeboat

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