Monday 23 April 2018

Cornish Tin Mine Evening and Nightshoot

Forecast was clear skies until midnight, so decided to take a risk and headed for the North Cornish coast with fellow photographer Alan James. On arrival prior to setting up for the night-shoot we were treated to a superb sunset. We then set up for the star trail shoot, conditions not perfect due to the moonlight but just dark enough and it actually lit p the side of the engine house quite nicely. Bit of experimenting with some additional lighting and we commenced. Start trail came out fine despite being hampered at times by condensation on the lenses that tends to build up over time (well we were trying to capture approx 120-200 30 second exposures. On completion we took some shots of the moonlight silhouetting the mines nicely. The drive home was fun with dense fog in South Cornwall I visibility was reduced to about 10ft between Roseudgen and Helston so North Cornwall was a good choice tonight.

Star Trail

Star Trail with the fisheye lens perspective corrected



Single shot without star trailing

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JRandSue said...

Outstanding images Bob,superb captures.