Friday, 27 April 2018

Cuckoo at Bartinney Downs

Had an excellent afternoon at Bartinney in search of Cuckoo and anything else which may be about. Well got really lucky seeing not one but two cuckoos. Unfortunately one bird had already claimed it as his patch and an in flight fight ensued and soon enough we were back to one after the intruder was evicted!!! The original and bird that remained was feeding well on caterpillars etc (bit distant for decent images) but he did come closer into the trees nearer to the camera so got some nice shots there. Also whilst scouting the area for other stuff I came across a Northern Wheatear which completely ignored me coming close for a nice shot. So a productive couple of hours and my first usable Cuckoo images (Fight one is a bit soft, caught me by surprise when they took offence to each other)

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windmill1 said...

Brilliant shots mate. Dougy