Friday, 25 December 2009

Christmas Lunch in Cornwall

Hi Happy Xmas to you all.  A fairly sunny day in Cornwall so the pub lost out and I went to Marazion and Newlyn.  The first images are the reason for the title. Hope you like the pictures. Double clicking to enlarge will enable best views of the images.

Grey Heron with Xmas Lunch.  I think he has done better than me. Two ham salad rolls for lunch. Last week I thought I had my best Heron fishing shots. How wrong I was! Check out the next two also.

Grey Heron again. In this image the sun has luckily caught the fish for me and lit it up with some superb lighting

Grey Heron (last one) slightly closer view to emphasise the detail more.

Stonechat, enjoying the afternoon sun at Marazion

Teal flying around Marazion Marsh after been disturbed by a Heron

St Michael's Mount. I went to Newlyn but nothing about in the Harbour but a good view of St Michael's from there via the 600mm lens. (Shame the sky wasn't blue at the time)


holdingmoments said...

Those Heron shots are amazing Bob. No wonder you are pleased with them.

Ashley Hugo said...

Nice shots bob, merry Xmas.
I like the new use for the 600, a long distance landscape lens.

Sam and Lisa said...

Brilliant images.