Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Not a great day!!!!!

Bad light stopped play, well photography anyway.  Got to St Gothian Sands about 10am sun was out for a while.  Got some shots and spotted a female shoveler, but to far away for a good shot. Sun went and hid so I went to Carnsew Pool and Hayle very little here and nothing in the way of good light. So headed South to Marazion where the Cornwall cloud anchored itself for the afternoon. (typical).  On arrival a Kestrel hovered over the van about 5ft above (long enough to pose and then clear off before the camera comes out, winding me up). Part of the Marsh was frozen so I thought I would look for a Water Rail, did get a shot but again unusable. So waited but then the dreaded dog walker who couldn't control his dog was behind me and at the same time some human imbecile jumped over the wall to smash some ice to clean their wellies. So with dark cloud and being surrounded by idiots I decided it wasn't my day.  On arrival home I slipped on the steps and added a small scrape to the 5D (arrgh).  So despite the good pictures that appear from time to time you can see I get bad days also!!! So good days ahead??? Whinge over onto the images:

Mallard at St Gothian Sands

Chiff Chaff at St Gothian Sands

Curlew at Hayle


Sam and Lisa said...

Hi Bob, great photo's, the sedge looks like an overwintering chiffchaff.

Bobbster said...

Hi Sam thanks ammended!

Ashley Hugo said...

Yeah Sam's right.
The curlew shot is really well composed.
All the best for 2010

holdingmoments said...

I know the frustration of days like that.
Beautiful shot of the Curlew.

JRandSue said...

Love the Curlew shot,nice one Bob.
Great Blog,all the Best for 2010.
Cya soon.