Monday, 22 February 2010

All rather quiet

I was busy today taking the odd surfing picture down at Porthleven link for those who are interested.  I still had time to nip down to Marazion afterwards, here it is still very very quiet. Have you seen the car advert where none of the birds fly? Yes that is what Marazion is like at present.  Just one shot today of the Bittern which are becoming increasinly harder to view. Weather this week is forecast, rain and more rain up until Sunday at least so I don't think I shall be adding much stuff for the next few days. However I have a few days off in March so I should be able to expand out of  the locality and get some different species, I hope!

Bittern, becoming increasinly hard to spot at the moment.

Nice barrels for the surfers at Porthleven

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Rachel said...

like photo 39 with the legs sticking up! my car real sick hopefully get it back today!