Sunday, 21 February 2010

Lots of hours and work for zero return

Well for three days now I seem to of been snookered by the weather, poor light and a lack of subjects on show when I have been out. You always need a little luck on your side when trying to capture images of wildlife I guess mine wasn't with me this weekend.  However it is good to see some fine images on the other blogs, J & R Sue, Mike Anders at Stithians etc. So well done to them. Patience is also required so I will be out again soon and with luck get some more quality pictures for the blog. Some images below my best in three days!

Stonechat: about to fly, due to the low light the next shot in the sequence was blurred.

Oyster Catcher bathing

Carrion Crow



JRandSue said...

Fantastic images as always Bob,love the Oystercatcher in flight.
Lovely detail,and thank you for your great comments.
In our eyes your Blog is way out in front.

Anonymous said...

Great Oystercatcher shot Bob, The wildlife seem to have gone to ground they are all waiting for the spring to arrive.