Thursday, 11 February 2010

Sunny but freezing at Marazion

Sun shone today, but the North Easterly wind from Siberia, made conditions rather unpleasent to put it politely. A shirt, fleece, two coats, gloves, hat, fleecey neck warmer and it was still baltic. Been after a shot of the Oyster Catcher in Flight and bagged one today. Bittern also but this time mainly shots in the reed bed. Including one fishing. So it was worth all the cold a runny nose etc to get the pictures. As usual you need to enlarge them for best viewing.

Oyster Catcher in Flight

Blue sky with a Buzzard in it!

Bittern flying low over the reeds.

Bittern stretching looking for fish.

Bittern edging his way along the edge of the reeds.

Bittern treading carefully.

Bittern with fish


Ashley Hugo said...

Great images, the Bittern has a pretty small catch!
Nice action shots, still with the 7D?

Sam and Lisa said...

Well done, once again lovely shots. I only managed to hit the Bittern once only.

JRandSue said...

Nice to see you back in action,doing what you do,the best.
Well done Bob.

Bobbster said...

Hi Sam, Lisa, John, Sue and Ash thanks for the feedback. For Ash yep still using the 7D at present.

Anonymous said...

Great images Bob I agree with John good to see you back taking great shots, hope to catch up with you soon. Keith H

Ashley Hugo said...

Just wait for the focusing problems.... ;-)
No really, Brilliant images, the oystercatcher shows the precision of the focusing.

Angie Moore said...

Lovely shots Bob. The Oystercatcher is superb and my favourite of a great bunch!