Saturday, 5 June 2010

Macro on the Marsh

My first attempt at Macro for a while, and the best image today was taken with the 300mm? Despite the low wind forecast there never seems to be a day without wind in Cornwall which makes the macro photography rather tricky. So here are my attempts at macro and a couple of bird shots:

This image was taken with the 300mm, I thought the glow on the wings made for a really nice shot. Best viewed enlarged.

This one taken with the 100mm Macro lens.

Macro lens again

Caterpillar with Macro lens, this was the hardest one to get.

Back to the big lens stuff, still trying to get this image as I want it, wings and tail fanned out with head in good light, nearly there!

Stonechat to finish off with as he was contect to pose for the camera.


Anonymous said...

Great macro images Bob

Unknown said...

Really like the first image glad you had some better weather in which to operate.

WPATW said...

looks like Fem Banded Dem for the first and Azure Damsel for the second. Check out this site for all things Dragon and Damsel


WPATW said...

On second thoughts - change the fem banded Dem to an imm male Beautiful Dem - apols


Sam and Lisa said...

Great set of images Bob. I am getting into Dragons and Moths. Hope to see you out sometime.