Saturday, 12 June 2010

Mixed day on The Lizard

Had a wander around the Lizard area today.  A mixed bag of results.  I just post the images as I am off to watch the overpaid footballers turn out for England.

Blackbird, well it posed so rude not to take a picture

Four Spot Fly?

Grey Seal

Young house sparrow? enjoying breakfast. I do like this shot.

Swift these are rather difficult to nail

Hobby Record shot

Again a record shot of the Hobby have to revisit and try again.


Ashley Hugo said...

Nice set, especially the House Sparrow!
Wasnt the footie rubbish!

Bobbster said...

Ash, Footie is always rubbish from England, I will nip up The Lizard and try again for the hobby. Thanks for the feedback.

Ashley Hugo said...

Yeah i need to get up Croft Pascoe, probs a bit distant for my lens but worth a try!!
Hope you succeed!!

holdingmoments said...

You did well with the Swifts; not easy.
And the Blackbird's a beauty.