Sunday, 4 July 2010

Under a Cloud at Stithians

Had to visit B & Q at Falmouth Saturday so thought I would call in at Stithians for a couple of hours. Unfortunately for me there was a cloud mass which appeared to be tethered to Stithians, two miles either side and it was sunny. It remained pleasantly dull for the time I was there. (Argh)  There wasn't much activity either, Cormorants having a lazy afternoon and a Moorhen and youngsters to entertain me. A cloudy day today meant installing speakers and a  subwoofer in the van, done at last so back to photography weather permitting. So its a poor show tonight  but it is like this sometimes.

Young Moorhen

And again

Begging for food

The two Moorhen chicks in the land of giants next to the Cormorant

Cormorant departing

The Teal which is residing in front of the main hide a present.

One from Croft Pool earlier, taken with a 300mm f2.8 I just got the depth of field wrong here!!

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