Monday, 5 July 2010

A windy Hells Mouth

Started today at Hayle no joy, dead at Marazion also.  Only place I found with any action was the North Coast at Hells Mouth. Photographing Swallows and Sand Martins in flight is diffucult but these sea birds are in a different league altogether.  So tripod mounted lens, AF that can't track these, so manual focus, gusting winds and birds travelling at a great rate of knots mean one thing. Lots of misses.  So here are the results not the normal standards but records shots, using new software Lightroom 3 also (just wizzed thrrough that so likely didn't help) All todays pictures from Hells Mouth, I shall revisit when the weather is better.






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Unknown said...

Lovely shots especially like the last one in very tricky conditions no doubt.