Sunday, 21 November 2010

Some from the Weekend

A normal photography weekend, lots of hours-little reward. Still keep trying incase I get that stunner of an image and then try again to get a better one. So I was out and about but very little wildlife was.  Did see a couple of swallows over Marazion Marsh so it is still not to cold yet? On the plus side the newly aquired D3s is getting some chances to perform in low light as it has been pretty much dullsville all weekend. So onto the images from the weekend.

Cormorant about to take off, just like the way the light caught this and all the water droplets.

Buzzard refusing to be intimidated

Heron with a small morsel, just shows how accurate the heron has to be when striking fish.

Kingfisher, uses the post to knock his prey senseless.


Dominic Gendron said...

Great shots, love the busard one...very epresentative of how it's always being harassed !

holdingmoments said...

I can't believe that a couple of Swallows are still hanging on. Maybe they are poorly? Just seems so strange to me.

Lovely pictures again Bob, and agree with Dominic; the Buzzard shot is a cracker. Depicting this poor birds constant harassment.

Sam and Lisa said...

SOme great shots there Bob. I see you nailed the Kingfisher on its post again.

Chris said...

Wow cool, I do love the first and last shot a lot, but my favorite really goes to that second. it is very dynamic and beautiful!

JRandSue said...

Fantastic collection Bob,brilliant Kingfisher.