Saturday, 19 November 2011

North and South Coasts

Early start this morning for some surfing photography, wish I had stayed in bed!!!!!!!! Spotted some Plovers flying along the beach on the North Coast so was my first image. (Despite the order google wishes to put them in) I then moved onto Carnsew Basin, where I thought I spotted a Gooseander, this later turned out to be a Merganser when englarged on the computer.  From there I went onto Ryan's Field loads of Lapwings, Gulls etc. Finally I called in at Marazion out of the van to have a quick look and got really nice views of a Bittern, typical as the camera was in the van. I then seen it again although distant and then another one at the other end of the marsh, so there are at least two there now. So a dull cloudy day in Cornwall but things are looking up More birdlife and less tourists!!!!

Red Breasted Merganser Carnsew Basin

Redshank, Ryan's Field

Bittern Marazion

Little Egret, Marazion
Lapwing at Ryan's Field

Plovers at Sandy Acres Beach

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