Saturday 5 November 2011

Quick Post from Marazion

Hi apologies for the lack of posts lately, hopefully things will be back to normal soon and images will appear on a more regular basis.  I also need to catch up on a lot of blogs, which I will do  soon. Well someone spotted a Great White Egret going into the reeds on the marsh about 20 minutes before I got there. After waiting a short while I thought I would take my chances down the East end of the marsh and hopefully get a closer shot. Arrgh, sods law as soon as I moved the Great White Egret flew and landed not far from where I was originally standing, so I got a distant shot while everybody else got close ups!!(B----ger)  Still I did get a record shot. So some pictures from my first day out in a while.


holdingmoments said...

Lovely catch of the Great White Bob; and the Stonechat.

Joop Zand said...

Lovely shots ...very well done Bob.

greetings, Joop