Sunday 27 November 2011

Almost a blank day saved by a Bittern

Well it was one of those days where nothing was showing or going right for me everything to far distant etc.  My last call was Marazion and on the way back to the van luckily I spotted a Bittern then another one. As the first one I spotted landed in the East side of the marsh another in the same area made it clear in no uncertain terms it wasn't welcome. The first one decided it would be a good move to fly over the railway line in a patch over there.  Initially I visited Godrevy to try for some shots of the Ring Neck duck but it was determined not to come close whilst I was there (B---ger) Still  managed a very distant shot. Ok onto the photo's:

Ring Necked duck on left

Pochard at ST Gothian Sands

Bittern a Marazion

Bittern at Marazion

1 comment:

Joop Zand said...

The second shot is really nice Bob.....well done.