Saturday, 28 April 2012

Bits from Marazion

Well it is hard a present to get anything decent or different as little is changing at Marazion. As a result only one wildlife shot today so Straight onto the pictures:

Sedge Warbler happy singing away.

River class offshore patrol vessel HMS Mersey

A blast from the past

Clouds gather again over St Michaels Mount ready for tomorrows downpour!


Dave said...

It's a Sedge Warbler, Bob

Andrew Carey said...

Lovely shot of Tangmere on the front with Oliver Cromwell right behind Bob. They'll be leaving Penzance at 3.00pm next Saturday.

holdingmoments said...

A Sedge Warbler Bob.
I've been struggling to capture an elusive one at my local so far; and you post a great one. lol

Bobbster said...

Dave, Keith thanks for clarifying the Sedge Warbler, Andy don't know about photographing that engine again next week, rather important football match is on!!!

Monts said...

Great shots Bob, I missed the Loco did not know it was coming down, and I won't mention the Sedge Warbler.