Wednesday, 19 December 2012

A few before the world ends, lol

Ok here are a few images from the my last trips out and about.

Squirrel, collecting bedding material

Frog at Godrevy

Bittern at Marazion, starting to show itself a bit more lately

Grey Heron, this is the one who regularly hunts voles etc, blood on his beak from his latest victim

Gull with? Well I couldn't work out what is was so I had a look when the gull discarded it.  It is actually a rabbit's head, possibly the one the stoat killed on the marsh last week?

Well the gull didn't fancy it, look closely and you can see it it is definitely the remains of a rabbit head. 

Oyster catcher browsing on the marsh

And for all you Christmas people here is a robin

And providing the world doesn't end I will be back soon, lol.


JRandSue said...

Brilliant details Bob,superb set.

holdingmoments said...

Great set before we go Bob. lol

I love that shot of the gull with the rabbit head; and then the Crow enjoying it. Natures cleaners.