Sunday, 30 December 2012

Favourite shots of 2012

Well it has been a rain sodden and sometimes frustrating year for wildlife photography. However even so despite the conditions opportunities for some nice images presented themselves.  I have a small selection of my favourite images below some  not technically perfect, but I like them so that is what matters, lol. A couple made it to the papers and hopefully more will follow next year. Here are my images selected from 2012.

Ptarmigan, Scottish Highlands, we got lucky here and had some excellent weather

Chough on The Lizard, similar to a flight shot of the Chough I am after, but not quite there yet.

Raven with Rabibit, a winner this one made the national papers, just wish I had locked onto it earlier, still amazing sight

Shoveller, taken at a slowish shutter speed but it still conveys action

Bank Vole, a couple of branches in front of the vole has created some blur, but this is a wild vole and a rare opportunity .

Capercaillie, Scottish Highlands, magical setting and great subject

My closest shot of a Kingfisher yet, would love to get closer next year

Long Tailed Duck at Carnsew Basin in Cornwall, stunning bird and at some stayed must of been the most photographed bird in Cornwall

Redshank at St Gothian Sands

Little Egret, I just liked the upright pose!

Waxwing, great to see these birds in Falmouth and I really like the viewpoint I have captured here.

Grey Heron with a captured rat at Marazion.

What a piece of luck to witness this Stoat hunting the Rabbit from start to finish.

Osprey with Golden Orfe, at Drift, another rare capture for me, I though Scotland would be my best chance of getting an Osprey but Cornwall produced.

Well that's all, thank you for watching the blog and leaving your comments, hopefully you will all stay and follow in 2013.


JRandSue said...

You had a fantastic 2012 Bob,I wish you a fantastic 2013.
Happy New Year.
John and Sue.

holdingmoments said...

Cracking shots there Bob. Some great moments captured through the year.

swopticsphoto said...

Fantastic. My favourite is the Ptarmigan.

Unknown said...


Great shots on your blog!
I'm heading to the Cairngorms next week and am interested in where the ptarmigan photo was taken? I would love to get some photos of these.


Bobbster said...

Hi Robin, the Ptarmigan was taken in the Caingorms about 1.5 to 2 miles from the car park at the main visitor area

Unknown said...

Great, I've heard that the ski centre at Glen Shee is also a good place to see them!

Dominic Gendron said...

What a great year in images! If i had to chose 2 it would be the ptarmigan and the waxwing!

Unknown said...

Great series of images Bob love the Stoat despite thevoutcomevof the chase.