Saturday, 18 January 2014

No posts/photography for a while

Well I recently had shoulder surgery at St Michael's hospital in Hayle, hence I will need to have a recovery period of between 6 weeks to 4 months. That said surgery went well the hospital, surgeon and staff were all superb.  The sling can come off tomorrow and then I start the physio on Tuesday, with stitches out the following Tuesday so recovery going as expected; and I can already lift a TV remote with my duff arm lol.

No pictures now for over a week, and that could be a long time before the next ones, so keep following the blog and I will pop back when I can!

Hope you have all had a good start to 2014 and good luck with your picture taking, I look forward to seeing all your images over the next few weeks

Meanwhile here is a Red Squirrel from about 4 years ago!


holdingmoments said...

Hope the recovery continues to go well Bob.
Soon be able to lift a can soon? lol

Great shot of the red.

JRandSue said...

Get well soon Bob,make sure you take things easy.

Perranlady said...

Hope the recovery goes well Bob, need a lighter camera to use for a while !
Take care - as I learnt when I had my knee done - do the physio & do the work ! it's worth it in the end. Sue

Bobbster said...

Thanks Keith, John and Sue and Sue for the comments slings is off today, so progress going well, though arm still feels incredibly weak, lol

swopticsphoto said...

Get well soon Bob.