Wednesday 18 November 2009

A look back on Scotland

Ok with the pevailing winds and weather against me today and the next few days probably,  I have decided to post some images I took in Scotland before commencing this blog. In early 2007 I joined Niall Benvie a Scottish Wildlife Photographer for three days and got some nice images.  Niall's knowledge on the whereabouts and habits of the wildlife were of great benefit. Had I not joined his photographic workshop I guess I could of spent threee days in Scotland finding nothing.  All the images were taken with a Canon 1D mk11, 600mm lens ,100mm-400mm lens and occasionally a 1.4x converter. A beanbag or tripod support were used as required.

Red Deer:  This image was shot against a dark background, so I could capture the effect of the water as the Red Deer shook his drenched fur. A slow shutter speed and beanbag were required.  I also had to wait 30 minutes for the Red Deer to decide he was to wet and needed a drying out, so  a bit of patience required.

Red Sqiurrel:  A feeding station was set up by Niall to attract the squirrels in, but it is still not easy they run in get some food and run off.  600mm lens and tripod required here.
Crested Tit:  Again a feeding station is set up. We both walk in but Niall leaves me on my own for 1 1/2 hours as he says there is a better chance of getting an image with one of us there.  I caught this one on an old Scottish Pine and I am really pleased with it.
Greater Spotted Woodpecker: Niall knew of a pair of these that used a feeding station but he was sure one had been taken by a raptor of some sort. So the chances of me getting a shot were slim, however after 90 minutes this one duly turned up. So I had a "full house" as I bagged everything I went to photograph. (Like an idiot I didn't know at the time the GS Woodpeckers are only 8 miles from me at Stithians!!)


holdingmoments said...

These are all excellent Bob. Your patience certainly paid off ten fold with these.
That Red Deer is superb; as is the Crested Tit. Never seen one of those before, and you've captured him beautifully.

swopticsphoto said...

Stunning shots - all of them.

Anonymous said...

Excellent shots Bob

Sam and Lisa said...

Love the scottish shots, brilliant.