Monday 30 November 2009

Rain and Wind "So What's New"

Well nothing new,  it has been a frustrating and disappointing month weather wise and today was no exception. Today I went to Carnsew Pool again but got soaked before I even got out the car park. So gave that a miss and went to Ryan's Field cold and miserable here with the Northerly wind blowing the rain into the hide and only one gull to view. Around to Marazion Marsh which looked like a flood plain and more wind and rain.  Followed this up to Porthleven where I grabbed some pictures of the surfers and some Gulls and Turnstones featured below. Got home and the local 6pm news said we had a dry day in the region today, IDIOTS!!! I have placed my Choice Images for November here. some have appeared on the blog others have not. Onto today's images, there aren't many but with so few blog updates at present your getting them anyway.

Exif for all images: Canon 1dMk111, 600mm lens with 1.4x converter(840mm) , Aperture Priority, F5.6, ISO 400, 1/125 to 1/800 sec, +0.7 stop

The second image of the Turnstone is slightly blurred but does demonstrate the shallow depth of field at close range of the 600mm lens.

This Gull has a treat in his beak, I think he has helped himself to one of those fat balls.

In the final image we can see the effect of the back lighting through the wings and tail feathers, shame the sky wasn't blue.


Sam and Lisa said...

The weather has driven me underground, credit to you getting out and nailing the images.

JRandSue said...

Wow great flight shot,outstanding photography.
Great work Bob.