Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Day at the Beach

Well still struggling to get any decent light for photography (not happy) I went in search of some surf pictures today.  That wasn't happening either! So after a quick stop at Carnsew and Hayle I headed for Marazion. With a Southerly swell there was lots of weed etc being churned up on the beach and the local birds were making the most of it.

On a seperate note I was toying with the idea of getting a new Canon 1D MKIV or 7D, sense won for a change I couldn't justify the 1D MKIV price so a 7D is inbound. I will test on the wild birds etc once it arrives (light and birdlife permitting)  Todays images are below:

Gull: Just caught this gull as it splashed down onto the water.

Black Headed Gull: This one sort of stuck out so I had to get a shot.

Turnstone: Having been disturbed by the incoming tide, these turnstone were on the march to see what was newly deposited on the beach.

Sanderling:  Bit of patience required to get this by itself and for it to stay still for a second.

Snipe over the Marsh: Ok this one is a victim of the poor light, however I posted it so you can see what I will be aiming for when conditions improve. These are a bit tricky to track through the air.

Gull:  Just enjoying the surf.


Ashley Hugo said...

go on get the MK4 ;-)
but for that money a 7D + extra cash is probably best.
Nice shots, The weather isn't helping photography at the mo'
Thanks for the directions for the GN DIver, we saw it today but it was outside the harbor and very low light/distant bird didn't help the photo opportunity.
Happy New Year

swopticsphoto said...

Hi bobbster mate - i like all of these shots. Curiously the spread group of turnstone seems to do it for me. Your bird photos are getting better all the time. ATB for 2010.

JRandSue said...

Great Images Bob.

Bobbster said...

Thanks for the comments JR, Sue Steve and Ash all the best for 2010. On the 1DMK4 v 7D for bird photography the 7D looks more than capable of doing the job for £3000 less, so it is a no brainer really. I shall see what a 1D MK5 brings, I think the 1D MKIV is way over priced. Also reading reviews of bird photographers professional amd amateur the 7D is perfoming brilliantly in this area

Ashley Hugo said...

The 7D has high res sensor, New (hopefully faultless) Af System, 8-fps and weatherproofing. and thats all you want out of a wildlife photography camera.
and at £4500(!!!!!) the MK4 is a lot more than the 1D3 when it was released.
Good luck with the 7D

Anonymous said...

Nice shots Bob the weather looks brighter for a couple of day so lets hope so, I will look forward to your comments on the 7D as I was thinking of getting one.
Have a Happy New Year

holdingmoments said...

Another great set Bob.

All the best for the New Year.