Sunday, 14 February 2010

Another visit to Marazion and Drift

Late post today, due to the next door neighbours chimmney catching fire. Saw quite a bit today and even photographed some of it. I did miss the weasels and sparrowhawk though. Some excellent lighting at Drift gave some nice images of tufted duck and black necked grebe. Also seen today, Goosander, Bittern, Buzzard, Magpie, Heron, Swans, Long tailed tits amongst others.  I will post some images tonight and possibly some more later this week or I will stick the remainder in the monthly batch I do for my site.

Long Tailed Tit


Tufted Duck (Male)

Tufted Duck (Female)

Black Headed Gull

Whooper Swan

Goosander, just a record shot it was to far away to get any quality pictures.

Cormorant:  Looks superb in the low afternoon sunlight

Black Necked Grebe


Ashley Hugo said...

Great set Bob, Whooper swan with the 300?
I didn't manage to get any in focus shots of the Grebe diving.

Sam and Lisa said...

You certainly nailed a few species today. Was the Goosander at drift

JRandSue said...

Yet another great collection bob.

Bobbster said...

Hi Sam, Lisa, the Goosander was at Drift opposite the hide

Bobbster said...

Hi Ash, The whooper swan was with the 600mm

holdingmoments said...

The Whooper is a beautiful shot Bob. Really like that.

WPATW said...

Good mix of species Bob - well captured