Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Off Topic

This weekend I have been busy assisting at a  charity event in Helston Cornwall. Hard work drinking "Spingo" the local ale in The Blue Anchor all  day, gets a bit blurry after a while!  A music event held over three days "Helstonbury" to raise  money to assist local kids. It was originally started ten years ago to raise £1700 for a local girl who needed an hi tech wheelchair and it sort of grew from there really.  Now in its tenth year, this year I tweaked some of the images using the presets in lightroom 3. Getting the right pre-set for the image is key here:

The Quarter Pounders, one of the colour pre-sets.

Not The Beatles , aged photo

Dizzy Lizzy, Black and white pre-set

Normal natural world images will be posted as normal when I next get out, hopefully a more in depth look at lightroom 3


holdingmoments said...

Nice work Bob.
I bet a lot of fun too.

Bobbster said...

Thanks Keith certainly is fun but also hard work!!

Anonymous said...

Great stuff Bob (hows the Head) good stuff that Spingo

Bobbster said...

Heads fine Keith, long hours were the challenge, I must be used to the spingo!!!!