Monday, 25 October 2010

Low Flyer over Hayle Estuary, no new news though

Started off at Ryan's Field timed to perfection as I got there the sun duly went in, b----r!!!. Decided to stick it out for thirty minutes or so. Watched astonished as someone in a Cessna did a low fly by over the Estuary and spooked everything on it. How low? well in the picture they had just come up from somewhere below the treeline. I t may of been officail business but if not they are idiots. Geese which were spooked duly ended up in front of the hide where I got some close up shots. I moved on from Ryans field to Marazion where the Sun was out occasionally but it was a real icy wind blowing through. The Bittern had flown just 5 minutes before I got there and I didn't see it again over the next three hours. But some good news, a Short Eared Owl landed in the field just next to me about 10ft away. Unfortunately I had the camera set to take and focus at distance, by the time I fiddled withthe focus distance switch under its plastic cover it was gone, B------s!!!
Idiot why didn't I just use the manual focus??? Anyway a soft shot of it going off into the distance is on this post, but a fantastic view in memory.  Day was rounded of with a close but somewhat obscured view of the Water Rail but I did manage a shot. Also took the plunge today and have a Nikon D3s on the way so hopefully get that tomorrow and have a play. Well enough from me onto the images:

Low Fly Past buzzing Hayle Estuary, the faint lines accross the images are the wires accross Ryan's Field.


Pink footed goose

Grey Wagtail


Stone Chat

Short Eared Owl, that I missed

Water Rail


Dominic Gendron said...

Great serie, the cormorant shot is outstanding!!

holdingmoments said...

I love that head on shot of the Cormorant.

JRandSue said...

Brilliant shots as usual,love the Cormorant shot.
Fantastic images Bob.

Anonymous said...

I'd give the civil aviation authority a call...