Saturday, 2 October 2010

Mini Hunter Killer

Down to Marazion and thought it must be weekend because the weather is pants. Anyway determined to get something despite the wind and grey skies this is the best I could get today. All taken with a 1D MK111 and 600mm lens. Todays pictures, taken just after Keith Hargreaves left (always the same someone leaves (normally me) and something turns up)

Spotted on his first circuit around the marsh

Second circuit and something has his attention

Well his been down to ground and got something you can see the evidence just below the tail.

All is revealed a field/door mouse for lunch held in one claw

Now he came back and returned to the hunt less than a minute after going to ground with the mouse, so I don't know if he scoffed it or hid it for later


holdingmoments said...

Great captures of the 'hunter' Bob.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bob you know the birds always wait untill I leave, It was good to see you nice images as always

JRandSue said...

Fantastic captures Bob,love the first shot.

Anouk van der Zee said...

Great shots! Especially the last one, where he almost look into the camera. But i also really like the second en the third picture...! Have a nice day!

Chris said...

Again some nice capture Bob... These flight shots were probably not easy to do with a 600mm lens!