Thursday, 7 October 2010

Switch from Canon to Nikon well underway

Have now in my pocession A Nikon D300S, 600mm AFS ll Lens, 1.4x ll Converter and an R1 macro flash. So a long way to go with Canon kit still to be sold.  However after a visit to Mifsuds having negotiated a deal on 600mm lenses I have came away without spending anytime minus a 600mm lens which is most important as it is the lens I use most often despite its bulk. In fact I think the Nikon AFS ll may be slightly lighter than the Canon. The Mifsuds, team were very helpful setting Camera, lens, tripod etc in the street while I fired off a few test shots. Conclusion I drew if the 1dMK11 was fast at Auto Focusing , well the D300S coupled to this lens most be almost the same or milliseconds slower. The AF also locked on and stayed on didn't seem to hunt like the Canon did occasionally. Ok in its favour it was a bright sunny day and moving cars were the target, but it won me over so much, I couldn't justify paying the extra couple of grand for a 500mm VR version which I was also considering. D3S next ???????
Photo's hopefully from the Nikon set up will be posted in my next post.


Sam and Lisa said...

So you have decided to turn professional. I wiil eventually go for a D3s or D4 (if Nikon produces one) one day.

Bobbster said...

No, just moved to Nikon as I feel it is currently the best gear for the type of images I currently shoot.

Mary Howell Cromer said...

Just found you last evening. Always enjoy good birding photography. I also use a Nikon...a D-90, mostly with my 70/300 lens. While I am not professional, since retiring early, this is my passion and I adore wildlife and photography, so this is my retirement profession ;)~