Friday, 27 May 2011

Isle of Mull day four, White Tailed Eagle and others.

With high winds our trip to photograph puffins was cancelled, instead we were offered the opportunity to photograph White Tailed Eagles again.  (not a bad replacement option, great in fact) Early morning seen us looking for the Short Eared Owl and Otters but neither came close enough for the camera. Conditions in the boat for the Eagle were well, rocking and rolling, to make photographing harder!! I will get onto the images as there are a few:

Willow Warbler

Red Deer

Rock Pipit

Highland Cattle

Great Northern Diver, 600mm lens hand held on a rolling boat somewhat tricky

Eagle circling to eye the fish, oh and my first image of blue sky on Mull!

Putting on the brakes before grabbing the fish

Got it first go!!

Just for size comparison, this is a huge bird bigger than a Golden Eagle

Another Dive to get a fish, totally focused on the target!

Short Eared Owl, a grab shot on the way back didn't quite come off so this was my useless attempt to turn it into an oil painting!!


Sam and Lisa said...

Hi Bob, what a great post, I am blown away by your incredible Eagle shots, and the Sabines virtually in summer plumage is a stunner.

Unknown said...

Stunning eagle shots, the close up detail of those images are fantastic.

JRandSue said...

Great Flight Shots.
Looks like a great holiday. John

Matt Latham said...

superb set of images Bob

Sy said...

these are amazing! esp love the highland cattle